Scott Genius 40 mountain bike at Bike Force Midlands $2699

3 February 2009

I'm not sure if this is a mistake on the Midland shop's part or not. I was looking at a deal for a Genius 40 and happened to come across the Bike Force price.

From what I can make out Scott used to call their Genius line MC-40 ...... and then in 2008 / 9 they dropped the MC bit. The price difference is pretty hefty. The not 'mc' genius 40 is worth anywhere between $3700 and $4800 depending on where you buy from. The MC versions are worth between $2600 and $2900. So anyway.... Bike Force Midlands store (Perth) has a 'Scott Genius 40' advertised at $2699.00. Worth a phone call if your looking for one and this is the 08 or 09 version you might be able to snap a very good bargain up.

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