Route 7 Hi-Vis Shower Jacket - only $26.99!

27 June 2008

These things are great for bike riders and walkers alike! So cheap too!

There will be an upcoming review for the vest version on

I'll post up what I think are the best deals from torpedo7 when I see them.

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  • nod
    These are great for the bike. I have one just like it :D Only thing about the yellow is that the mud flicked up off the road can make a real mess. Especially at the back. But then I am the stupid one with a mountain bike and no mudguards! :o
  • nod
    Forgot to say - good price. A tip if you are a biker keep an eye on Aldi - they can have some awesome prices for exercise gear
  • admin EDITOR
    :) - when I read this the first thing that popped into my mind was a water shower. I agree - these things are handy - and cheap is good in my experience as you can get them covered in holes, mud and crap with impunity.

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