Outer Edge Magazine over 50% off and free tactical control multi tool valued @ $49.97

18 September 2008

Subscribe to outer-edge for 12months 6 issues $19.95 (normally $6.95 per issue) and also get a free tactical control multi tool valued at $49.97, you will be given a a coupon with your first issue to take into your local anaconda store for the tool.

TOPICS:   Sports


  • nod
    Cool. Thanks Normie http://www.outer-edge.com.au/images/SubHeadings.gif Added the expiry date for you :)
  • voteoften
    That's just $3.33 per issue. Normie, do you know iuf the mag is any good or is it a big advertorial like a lot of the children's ones are?
  • admin EDITOR
    Credit to this lot - at least they havent jumped on the bandwagon and called it something like 'Xtreme Outer Edge'. There's a lot of Xtweme'ly dull Xtweme activity stuff around at the moment.

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