2 April 2008

New Balance 429 Mens & Womens

Puma Isolator Mens & Womens

Normally up to $76.99


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  • Keeys
    Thanks we might check these out we didn't find anything for hubby at pauls warehouse the other day. His are starting to talk :(
  • admin EDITOR
    cheap little shoe - wonder if they're any good?
  • Gallifrey
    cheap little shoe - wonder if they're any good?
    there look good in the pic..... the New Balance I bought some year ago I loved, the most comfortable runners I have ever had :D
  • Keeys
    I have new balance I've been wearing for 3yrs now and are as good as new I don't wear them alot over summer but live in them in winter. Hubby wears his more than me and his lasted 2 years we bought a cheapo pair from target that are falling apart after just 2mths :(
  • Keeys
    I just checked my nearest store is 3hrs away :(
  • Gallifrey
    oh too bad Keeys do you live in Whoopwhoop or not quite? STORE LOCATOR: ]
  • Keeys
    almost whoopwhoop ;) We live 1hr out of Tamworth and no I don't like country music before you ask ;)
  • Gallifrey
    lol.... wouldnt have asked as it never crossed my mind as I dont like it either:twisted: (closest cowboy/girl hat I could find lol)
  • lisss
    The only problem with Amart in my experience is that they don't have many sizes or stock of good clearance items.
  • enthusiast
    I needed a new pair of shoes for Futsal (indoor soccer) and picked up a new pair of Puma's marked down to $20 @ Rebel Sport!! My brother got a pair too, in a different style! Good value buying :-)

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