Merino Wool short sleeved tops $40 at Katmandu - usually $120

7 October 2007

I was on a bit of a shopping spree and found these merino wool baselayer tops out on clearance. The price on the packet was $54 but when I went to check the price at the counter, they scanned as $40. Bargain!

If you are looking for thermal gear then these are great. They don't smell as much as the synthetic stuff and lasts a lot longer. You just need to not wash them in the machine - despite the fact the label says you can.

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  • admin EDITOR[SIZE=5]P[/SIZE] Clue two: No clothes not to mention that they just feel awesome to wear.
  • nod
    They are pretty cool. Not quite as soft as the way more expensive Icebreaker brand but good enough and they had a pretty good range of colours and designs. I thought I might mention that they also had some very well priced wind stopper vests for Woman in the clearance section too. Size 8 and 10 only. But only $80 which is about 1/2 price
  • fairybelle
    This is a great saving... these are excellent quality

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