Inline Skates F2 (Various Sizes) - $9.95 free postage + bucky

25 December 2007

These would be great for a gift looks like $$ spent when not ;)

If you have $5 vouchers left they have to be used by the 31st this would be a great deal!

Made from quality, durable parts, these skates are a great choice for all - from beginner to enthusiast.

INLINE SKATE STYLE : Great look - great performance: The outer boot is made from a strong plastic vented shell - in racing green with grey panels - hinged together for flexibility. Aeration holes keep your feet cool. The removable inner boot is made from padded, durable materials in yellow and black, offering comfort, safety and support.

INLINE SKATE FIT : 3 AUTO LOCK buckles: enable you to put on of the skates in the minimum amount of time! They are highly durable, adjustable on the fly, maintain their hold and are adjustable for different levels of support in different areas. None of this is possible with lace-ups. These buckles also offer a clever, push-button locking mechanism to prevent loosening. NOTE: Large sizes have 3 buckles, small sizes have 2 buckles

INLINE SKATE WHEELS : Great manoeuvrability and durability: the wheels are 60mm in diameter - a great size for quick turning or stunts, but equally suited to general use. The Polyurethane (PU) material used has a high durometer (hardness) rating of 84A, ensuring the wear on the wheels is slow and the wheels are long lasting. The wheels are designed with an open core inner, which reduces overall weight.

INLINE SKATE BRAKE : Interchangeable brake: made from a hard black rubber with good stopping characteristics. It is currently mounted on the right foot, but can be remounted on the left foot, if preferred

Understanding the skate sizes:
To find the best fit for your foot, measure the length of your longest foot (most often the foot opposite to the hand you write with) from the tip of your heel to the tip of your longest toe. Then select the size that is equal to this foot length. If no size matches your foot length exactly, we suggest you choose a slightly larger size.

Size Foot length (cm)
200 16.5
210 18.5
220 19
230 20.5
240 21.5
250 22
260 23.5
270 24

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  • nod
    Hot vote from me Keeys - this would be an awesome deal if you had a $5 voucher left over.
  • leny
    Not $19.95? They show up for me as $19.95. Sorry if I've missed something. :)
  • Emma EDITOR
    Not $19.95? They show up for me as $19.95. Sorry if I've missed something. :)
    Showing the same for me. Has the deal expired guys?
  • admin EDITOR
    I'm getting the same. Will wait to see what keeys says.
  • Keeys
    hitting expired :( Sorry to those who missed out :( :(
  • leny
    $19.95 is still a good price though. But $9.95 and FS!! :)

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