If you spend over $110 on an item or in a year at Snowgum join the Snowgum Club for a 10% rebate

14 March 2013

You need to know that your wanting something that'll cost you over $110 to buy, or that you willl in aggregrate spend over $110 at Snowgum in any given year. The deal is that as a member you will get a 10% rebate on all your Snowgum purchases across the course of a year running from May to May. The rebate is sent to you in the form of a voucher so kind of circular there but its still money that you can spend on other stuff.

The reason you want to know that your going to get over the $110 limit is that membership will cost you $11 per year, though its deducted from your rebate amount. They dont specify what happens if you never make the $11 rebate level - so potentially membership in that case would be free.

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