Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows just $19.99 with any purchase (weekend only)

20 July 2007

Instore this weekend, buy any other product and get the book for the above price.

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  • narut
    Isn't it 19.99???
  • sandgroper
    Isn't it 19.99???
    Hmm....I seem to be having brain/eye/keyboard coordination problems today, yes you are correct and I am sorry if I misled anyone with the wrong price. Thanks for pointing it out narut, fixed now:o
  • Emma EDITOR
    Voted hot - that saves you $8 - $10 off the cover price :) And handy if you needed stuff @ Toys'R'Us anyway!!
  • nod
    Even amended this is a great price Thanks Sandy :) Hot vote from me
  • ToastwithJam
    if it counts for anything it gets a toasty hot vote from me too!
  • nod
    every vote counts :)

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