Guitar Hero - Wireless Les Paul for $24 (PS3) (shipping flat rate $6.95)

24 March 2010

PS3 Wireless Guitar
Special Features:

* 3-Axis Accelerometer for accurate activation of star power
* Improved battery life with built-in auto sleep mode
* Wireless shredding takes rocking out to a whole new level
* Jam effortlessly with an elongated strum bar

TOPICS:   Sports


  • ninkasi
  • nod
    Ah - they dropped their price. It was $29. Flat rate shipping (order as much as you want for $6.95)
  • nod
    Just added the shipping fee to your title Ninkasi
  • ninkasi
    Yeah - when including shipping it's good but not a fantastic deal unless you're buying other things at the same time....

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