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10 February 2009

Hotel Club - New Idea promotion.
It has $30AUD but its really $15USD?
Hmmm..... false advertising here it think

Please note cashback will not be tracked if discount is used

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  • admin EDITOR
    :D - but you still post it
  • fairybelle
    Yeah thats right!! i ♥ anything thats free.....
  • admin EDITOR
    I see that they have changed the listing to state $15 now :) Maybe they read your post fairybelle. There's ]another promo on with this lot at the moment finishing 15th April. Book ahead and they'll give you $1 off for each day ahead of your booking up to a max of $60. Only issue is that you have to spend $420 as a minimum.
  • lilpretzel
    [FONT=Trebuchet MS][SIZE=3]Changed amount to $US15.00[/SIZE][/FONT] ;)
  • Keeys
    Is this only for new members?
  • admin EDITOR
    it doesnt say anything about it in the terms and conditions keeys. Interestingly the code peters out in favour of cashback when you get to $300 after which you get more off the price not using the voucher.

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