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Pushys, the Australian cycling specialist, is having its half yearly clearance sale and things are looking very enticing indeed if you're on the hunt for a bargain. For those of you who haven't shopped with them yet, Pushys started three years ago in response to the market crying out for retailer offering better support and customer service. We experienced this customer-centred approach first hand after we contacted Pushys directly who happily agreed to give Buckscoop users an exclusive free shipping coupon code during this huge sale.


It's worth pointing out that this coupon code of ours carries half the usual minimum spend requirement of $100. So right now, on top of the heavily discount products on sale, this code will allow you to save an additional $10 - $40 in delivery costs as well depending on where you'd like your items sent to. To be clear, this code is applicable to small and medium sized orders costing at least $50 (code expires midnight Thursday 28th of May 2015). To save you the hassle, we've trawled their site and picked out a bunch of items that we think offer unbeatable value online. So let the bicycle-bargain hunting games begin!

To put this mid year sale into perspective, after chatting to the team at Pushys we get the sense that this is one of the biggest sales they've done. So not one to be missed, particularly as you now have the opportunity to get free shipping as well!

A few points of interest about this sale:

Why you Should buy Mavic the Exclusive Brand from Pushys Online and In store*  They have 1.5 million items of stock to clear.
*  1000's of items are apparently being sold under cost.
*  This is a genuine sale where everything has been drastically reduced in price (rather than the "70% off" type marketing blurbs we often see from retailers when in reality that level of discount only applies to a handful of items).
*  All prices are as shown and marked down.

The only restrictions to be aware of are that the sale excludes Mavic shoes as they're currently offering 50% off these items (all you need to do is add them to your cart and the discount will be applied automatically).

Right, time to get straight down to business with our findings or where some of the biggest bargains and best value for money buys are at Pushys right now.


Hottest Deals

Pushys Kids Bikes on Sale at almost 49% cheaper than the compeittionPushys clearly state on their homepage: “All prices are as shown. No further Discounts in Store.” So, lets have a look at what you guys can expect within this sale and I'll also break the deals down into groups, which is the way they've structured things on their site too due to the sheer quantity of items that have been marked down. Simply click the links within each group below to reach the specific deals that we've picked out on Pushys site.

Starting off with Group 1, below you'll see an example of hot deal on a kids bike that is currently on sale for $205 whereas most other retailers selling it are charging between $320 and $399. That equates to being almost 50% more expensive in some cases. 

Group 1: [Crazy Bike Clearance]

40% OFF Road Bikes and Frames

50% OFF Recreational Bikes

40% OFF BMX Bikes and Parts

Scooter Clearance

50% OFF Kids Bikes


Pushys Crash on Mountain Bike TrailGroup 2: [Up To 70% Off All The Gear]

Bag Clearance

Lights Clearance

Accessory Clearance

Component Clearance*
Tools Clearance


Group 3: [Up To 70% Off Apparel]

Mens MTB Apparel Sale**
Womens MTB Apparel Sale***

Mens ROAD Apparel Sale

Womens ROAD Apparel Sale

Casual Apparel Sale


Pushys Tyre and Puncture Equipment beats and competitors PricingGroup 5: [Wheels, Tyres, Saddles]

Road Wheel Clearance

MTB Wheel Clearance

BMX Wheel Clearance

Tyre Clearance

50% OFF Prologo Saddle


* Our deal hunter vikk found this extension pole for a GoPro camera on eBay Australia for $45 plus $61 shipping. Pushys have it on sale for $19. Enough said.

** Royal stage long sleeve jersey in black for only $19.

*** Women’s netti black winter jersey for only $39.

Pushys Mirco Light 200 Combo Product Reduced form $205


On top of the above offers, our deal hunters went the extra mile to pick out other bargains to make the search a little quicker for you guys. For example, you'll find that this urban 200 lights combo is roughly $150 delivered from Amazon or about the same price from most local bike stores. Even though 99Bikes has it listed for less at $54, it's not a big surprise that they’re currently out of stock (smells like somebody trying to cook Google rankings). If you pick one up from Pushys though, you'll only be paying $84.99 for it.

Check out these Tifosi Seek sunnies as well. You can pick a pair for $39 at Pushys, which is very competitive considering you'd be looking at forking out roughly $80 at Amazon or $120+ from most other local retailers.

Pushys Sale includes the Prologo Scratch Pro saddle for $74.99Let's not forget about the basics here either because ever rider needs a good saddle and tyres. Pushys have the Prologo Scratch Pro saddle on sale for $74.99 - get it anywhere else and you'll be paying an uncomfortable $105 to $130.

On to tires and within this clearance sale they’ve got loads of items within this category which have been heavily reduced. Tires start from as little as $11 and to make sure prices don’t get any flatter you can grab yourself inner tubes for a measly $3 extra.


Exclusive Brands

Pushys love to differentiate themselves and if its not with customer service and rapid shipping times then its with exclusive brands. Online and instore you can choose from some of Pushys exclusive brands such as Race Face, Royal Racing, 7iDP and Mavic.

These exclusive partnerships help Pushys provide products that customers cannot buy anywhere else and if my opinion really adds value to my shopping experience. All brands that Pushys choose to work with exclusively pride themselves with intelligent design, utilising the latest technology ensuring the riders safety wherever possible.

Pushys Bike Store Half Year Clearance Sale on 1000's of Products


Pushys Shopping Tip

Pushys Saddle Pouch One of the most obvious places to spot Pushys' price competitiveness is across their components and accessory ranges, where it's clear to see that their objective is to buy as cheap as possible in order to pass those savings along to customers. So the next time you're in need of an item from one of these ranges, give Pushys a try and I think you'll be surprised at how low they can keep costs - especially right now during this clearance sale!



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