Billy Hyde Music Sat April 24th one day sale - couple of blindingly cheap bits

19 April 2010

One for the muso's. Sales are normally boring but I was just cross checking a couple of things that are very very cheap. Not sure about the bulk of it.

If you go to the listing page two items that jump out at me - the JTS HP 535 headphones (they call them HB incorrectly). These are worth $60-$80 and Billy Hyde have one pair for $5 (am trying to find out where that one pair is or whether its one pair per store. The other thing is the DW 4002P bass double pedal - it'll cost you around $300 normally for a pair of these.

I'll have a look but I supect more of the '1 of' items will be a bargain, and will report back if I can find out whether its one per store or one.

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    The Krank - Revolution Quad Box - 4 x 12 @ $499 is a bargain as well.
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    Couple of the other headline bits out of this sale - but two pairs of drumsticks get one free and D'Addario and Rotosound guitar strings @ 50% off (but not the 3,5,10 and twin packs)

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