Alloy Bottle Holder for you bicycle @ Cell Bikes $1

26 September 2007

I'm listing this because it is a pretty cheap price but also because the logic of the cell bike guys in the promo is making me laugh...

This is what they put in there .. "At this limited time low price, you can buy the lot and sell them to your friends for $2 and make double your money back!!!"

Love it.

Anyway - for those the need them (no idea who doesnt have them already as standard on their bike) or those that need to bling their corroded ones up - knock yourself out - a buck is a good price.

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  • Brad
    I'd imagine the postage would be a killer here. :D
  • nod
    $8.95 to WA :D
  • nod
    I think what I would be doing is buying it with something else

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