ADIDAS Family and Friends 40% Off with flyer - 3 days only

15 November 2011

Sale finishes Saturday 28th May.
Print out the flyer below then present at any of their stores (including factory outlets) for your 40% off discount.
I have put it in jpeg form but will add a pdf file in a bit.

PDF Link:

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  • queenshrew
    New flyer in pdf can be downloaded here:
  • moxie
    It says on the flyer that the sale will be held on 26-28th May 2011?
  • kickling
    Indeed ?? Typo or expired sale??
  • golfwidow
    Just found and added the latest flyer. Hope you don't mind Queenie :) I still am oblivious to uploading PDF's so just made it into a JPEG.
  • queenshrew
    Oops, sorry.. was in a hurry and loaded up the wrong one! lol I seriously need to clean my drive. Thanks golfy! :D

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