A full Quicksilver snow outfit from Amazon UK for £181.19 delivered

15 January 2013

Slow Tuesday morning......

There's an Amazon coupon out until the 20th giving you 20% off snow gear, so I built an outfit to test the value. You may not like my outfit but at £181 for jacket, goggles, pants and gloves delivered its not bad.

I'll post the full inventory below. Its mostly got all the sizes you need. Delivery is a meagre £20. At todays exchange rate your paying $275 or thereabouts.

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    The jacket.... Quicksilver quarter mens jacket. Size medium. Price £112. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/81w9IIyNcDL._SL1500_.jpg The pants....... Quiksilver Men's SURFACE INS PNT-Surface INS Snow Pants - Medium - £64.94 http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/61EHe-hep6L._AA1500_.jpg The G,Loves ..... Quiksilver Men's BRANCH GLOVES-Branch Snow Gloves - Small - £30.72 http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/81ykXBsf14L._AA1500_.jpg The Gooooglies ..... Quiksilver Men's Fenom Goggles - TU - £32.89 http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/71xnPoPb9bL._AA1500_.jpg The details... Order summary Items: £200.46 Postage & Packing: £20.82 Total before VAT: £221.28 VAT: £0.00 Total: £221.28 Promotion Applied: -£40.09 Order Total: £181.19
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  • 2ndeffort
    Average value I think. Both the jacket and pants are only 8K ish for waterproofness and breathability ratings so this isn't high end stuff. I had a quick look on Sierra Trading Post's current extra 45% off promotion and found the following alternate comparable outfit: a. Foursquare Truss Jacket - Insulated (For Men) (with dealflyer 45% discount) USD $66 b. Foursquare Studio Snow Pants - USD$58 c. Gordini Fall Line II Gloves - Waterproof, Insulated (For Men) - USD$ 16.47 (if you think you need higher end gloves to ensure warm hands etc) - Scott SMS Gore-Tex® Gloves - USD$36.30 d. Dragon Optical DX Snowsport Goggles - USD $30.22 All up USD $170.69 Sierra shipping will be more, I didnt test it out but probably somewhere around $60. When you convert it all back into AUD (using the website xe.com), I get the UK Amazon lot working out at AUD$273.61 and the Sierra lot working out at $219.61. You could argue about getting better gloves or goggles but there are a load of options at Sierra also on sale. I havent even looked across at Levelninesports or any of the other discount snowgear websites. The Quicksilver stuff isnt particularly high end and I wouldnt expect it to be any better that the foursquare stuff I listed. Specs are similar and, in fact the 4square stuff list waterproofing at 10K instead of the Quicksilver 8K. Anything under 10K is pretty low end, the good stuff like GoreTex normally gets around 20 - 30K. If you are going skiing in the northern hemisphere these might be good deals, if you are thinking about stocking up for the next southern winter, wait a few months. About March-ish the big shops in the US and UK start clearing out their left over stuff, this is when you will get the best bargains. If you are going skiing in the US, buy your stuff online before you go and have it delivered to your hotel, you'll avoid the $60 postage and it will be waiting for you when you arrive.
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    Great write up 2ndeffort. Thanks. The stuff I'd picked out wasnt so much for quality, it was more price and the sake of an example. I bought a similar Quicksilver jacket years ago and they're fairly crappy but functional and surprisingly waterproof. But it doesnt stack up against better quality gear. I reckon your right at the moment in that the US / AU exchange rate is better than the UK / AU one and timing means the bigger discounts across a wider range of merchants will hit the market in a couple of months.

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