$50 off a new pair of boots/shoes at Paddy Pallin with promo code

19 February 2013

You can do this online or in store. If its online then you need to use the linked promo code for Paddy Pallin at checkout to discount the purchase by $50. Then package up your old pair of shoes / boots and send them in to the listed address.

Deal is that Paddy Pallin is running a promo whereby, if you trade in an old pair of boots or shoes they will discount your new pair by $50. The old shoes go towards the outdoor experience programme. Details are on the linked page.

The offer excludes thongs, climbing boots and sandals and asks that the pair of boots you trade in are in working order. I'm not sure how Paddy Pallin are protecting against abuse on this online promo code deal. You'd think they'd have some check in place but maybe not.

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