Zippo Lighters $16.99 @ 1-day

12 October 2009

Limit of 2 per customer. Each lighter is sold individually and does not contain fuel (you will need to purchase fuel elsewhere).

Zippo lighters are world-famous because they always light with a zip...even in the wind!

From timeless design to the unmistakable click ... from the quality of materials and workmanship to the Lifetime Guarantee these are features that make a Zippo lighter so satisfying to own.

The fact that the Zippo windproof lighter has endured, virtually unchanged, for over 60 years is proof of its appeal to millions of users and collectors.

* Genuine Zippo windproof lighters
* Does not contain fuel (it is recommended that you use Zippo lighter fluid)
* High polish chrome finish with assorted designed on one side
* Attached lid flips open and closed
* Wick included
* Filling and user instructions included
* Black protective case included
* Keep lighters out of reach of children these lighters are not child resistant.
* Dimensions: 56x38x12mm
* Weight (empty): 55g
* Made in USA

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  • admin EDITOR
    These normally sell for about $30 dont they ?
  • andrewr
    Thanks, 2 delivered for under $40!

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