Wishlist free postage!!! 12am Friday November 23 to Midnight AEST Sunday November 25, 2007 + 5% buc

22 November 2007

*Limit 1 per person
*All purchases are subject to Terms and Conditions outlined on www.wishlist.com.au
*Offer applies to standard delivery only and is valid from 12am Friday November 23 to Midnight AEST Sunday November 25, 2007

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  • ScarletRubies
    I think people have said Wishlist's prices are ordinary to high, but free shipping is always a great bonus. I love my flashing TARDIS (and it was the best price at the time, three or four weeks ago).
  • admin EDITOR
    yea - I've found wishlist to be on the expensive end more than once. Having said that - there's also many many times where I've found something that on the face of looks cheap only to find that its blown out the water with delivery. ps - I gave you a hot keeys - I like free delivery.
  • nod
    This would be a good time to pick up the Super saver Hoyts movie tickets - you get 10, use Mon-Thurs for $80 delivered. $8 each - no bad even with the restrictions. My sis buys movie tickets for Xmas presents for people at her kiddies day care - these would be a great idea for something like this or as sticking fillers :) I wont link to the page as you will then not pick up the tracking cookie - so in the search box type movie tickets and the whole list of them comes up :)
  • Brad
    See about those Hoyts movie tickets ]here. Or go straight to the listing, with 5% cashback by clicking ]here.

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