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4 January 2008

wicked cool stuff {US site} has some great specials on T-shirts, toys, TV merchandise etc.
Good site to just browse for trinkets etc.
Also links to wicked cool girls and so cheap it hurts.

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  • Keeys
    anyone know what the postage costs are like from this site?
  • lilpretzel
    For 1 shirt Shipping: US$11.55 For 2 shirt Shipping: US$16.65 If you add all your items than checkout you can than workout the total shipping cost, just select Australia, than select Int shipping. I have a 10% code which I will now post. :)
  • Keeys
    ahh ok I didn't get that far to put things in the cart, so thanks :) Shipping is a killer!! Priates Cotume for kids item costs $13.79 shipping $37.85 :o Shame cause was hoping to get a few costumes looks like I'm not :(
  • nod
    :eek: That is some serious shipping charge :( Items in the US are often so much cheaper than in OZ but the shipping is always the worry we need a free shipping code :D
  • Michelle2154
    gee the postage is $$$$$$$$$, keeys im sure ive seen a costume site {US} with okay postage ill go through my book thisarvo and if i find it ill let you know. Michelle2154

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