Which Companies Offer You the Best Freebies and Discounts on Your Birthday?

A birthday is more than simply the day on which you were born into this world, its also a great time to reflect on the past year and look forward to the next. This is the kind of thing that your parents or even your grandparents would say, and they aren’t wrong. But honestly, who cares as long as you get treated like a royal, receive lots of gifts and have a great day...am I right? “My thoughts exactly” I hear you some of you whispering. 

Well then, I'll let you in on something which means that even if your friends and family don't quite hit the mark with your expected birthday celebrations, this should ensure that you at least made to feel special by companies via a selection of freebies and discounts. All you need to know is which brands or chains offer this service. Let's take a look now in more detail, so that you can't complain after your next birthday that you weren't spoilt rotten.


Australian Birthday Freebies from BuckscoopThe art of receiving freebies on your birthday boils down to a few important factors. If you have any ideas about what you would like to do on your birthday with regards to shopping or eating out, then visit those store's websites and join any loyalty programs or newsletters that they have. The retail sector is becoming smarter in the way which it markets to consumers and generally these days you can expect to receive marketing enticing you to shop on or around your birthday. It's a good idea though to open a separate email account purely to receive all of your birthday offerings, as there can be many.

So, without wasting anymore time I’m going to give you a list of all the companies that generally give out special treatment on birthdays. Don’t worry however, because not all of the following need to be redeemed on your specific birth date. Only a few require this, while the rest hand out offers which can be used during the week or even the month of your special day, so bear this in mind before you plan your free spree.


Its your Birthday, Celebrate it the Buckscoop way with Freebies and Vouchers

Anaconda – Free $10 voucher given on your birthday when you sign up to the Anaconda Adventure Club


Basking Robbins – Signing up to the Baskins Robbins Club 31 newsletter will result in you receiving a voucher for a free scoop of ice cream at any point during the week of your birthday.


Boost Juice Vibe Club member freebie on your BirthdayBoost Juice – Sign up for free to become a Vibe Club member and receive a free boost juice on your birthday


Cold Rock Ice Cream – Sign up and become a Cold Rock VIP member and they will send you a voucher to receive a free ice cream with 1 mix-in on your birthday.


Crossroads – Receive a free $10 voucher with no minimum spend on your birthday week.


Gloria Jeans Coffees – By signing up to their loyalty program you will be entitled to a free regular sized drink on your special day.


IKEA Family Member Free Princess Cake on your BirthdayIKEA – If you sign up as an IKEA family member before your birthday then you will be entitled to a free Princess Cake when you visit the store on that special day.


Jamaica Blue – At any point during the month of your birthday you can receive a voucher that gives you a free slice of cake.


Jeans West – Sign up to this company’s newsletter and on your birthday they will send you a $10 gift voucher to spend on any full priced item with no minimum spend.


Katies – If you sign up to Katies VIP Style Card program they will give you a $10 voucher, plus they will also give you a $20 birthday voucher with no minimum spend.

Kikki.K give away a free $10 Birthday voucher when you become a member


Kikki.K – Become a member on their website and they will automatically send you a $10 birthday voucher when it comes close to your birthday.


Nando’s – These guys will give you a free meal during the month of your birthday as long as you are signed up to their Peri-Perks loyalty program. (FYI: You must have purchased a meal within the past 6 months using your loyalty program to be eligible for the free meal).


Oporto – When you sign up to their loyalty program they will give you a $5 voucher to say thank you, plus reward you with a free meal on your birthday.


Priceline – Sign up with these guys and they’ll send you a $5 voucher for you to print out and take in store.


Salsa’s – Two days before and two days after your birthday is when you can receive your free birthday burrito when you take in your email voucher.

San Churro Newsletter sign up gives free churro voucher on your birthday


San Churro – When you sign up to their newsletter they will give you a voucher to eat a free birthday churro two days before and two days after your birth date.


Shingle Inn – At any point during your birthday month you can receive a free cupcake and coffee.


Subway – During the week of your birthday go in and choose a free 6 inch sub of your choice and a 600ml drink.


Sumo Salad – In store you will need to pick up a Sumo society card before you can register online, but once you have done this you will be rewarded with a free Sumo salad on your birthday.


Vapiano – To celebrate your birthday Vapiano will give you a free meal that’s valid for one week after your birth date.

Birthday Vouchers and Discount Codes from Buckscoop to make your Day Special

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