Western chief some great bargains - rain hats $1.10! Wellies $5.95

15 September 2008

Western chief have some great bargains at the moment on some stock, just check out the sales section, some slightly imperfect gum boots, back packs etc.
Worth a look if your some things for the kids.

Update - awesome sale going on

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  • admin EDITOR
    Their adult apres snowboots are actually quite cheap (clearance section) and almost look wearable. Thanks michelle.
  • nod
    I was going to add a new post for this new sale but decided to update this old one Western Chief are having another sale and they have some really cool stuff http://www.ajwebdesign.com.au/images/store/cow%20rainhat.JPG This is really cute and it $1.10 http://www.ajwebdesign.com.au/images/store/butterfly%20pink%20slipper%20sock.jpg Slippers $1.10 http://www.ajwebdesign.com.au/images/store/dinosaur%20backpack.JPG Backpacks $5.50 They seem to have a flat delivery fee of $15 - I have added a few items and it stays the same - so it is really worth stocking up :)
  • Keeys
    Thanks so muchthin I have gum boots formy little man till hes a size 1 now ;) got some back packs forbirthday giftsthrough the year etc and couldn't go past the hats at that price. little girls sparkle hat for 55cents!!! All up $90 spent but what a bargin for the amount of stuff I ordered!!!
  • voteoften
    They could use someone to look over the text on their site: Western Chief Australia and Northern Territory attract a $5 surcharge for delviery due to extra expenses charged by Australia Post for shipping to these destinations. Never heard of "Western Chief Australia" must be one of those new territories they created, perhaps on Christmas Island.....
  • fairybelle
    What a great sale... dint think you could buy anything for $1 anymore...
  • dustbunni
    Thanks Michelle My friends are going to crack up when i go the the farm next with my snazzie leopard print and poka dot wellies LOLOL Been wanting a pair for ages but was NOT paying $50 - $80 for them Found them here for $16.50" slightly imprefect" and im sure the cows and sheep wont notice that lol thanks x x
  • bigal
    ... had to google wellies....
  • queenshrew
    Thanks Michelle! :D They have some gorgeous stuff!!! And at such great prices too :D
  • dustbunni
    LOL Bigal wellies for big girls lol = http://www.westernchief.com.au/images/store/leopard%20rain%20boots%20women.jpg http://www.westernchief.com.au/images/store/dot%20rain%20boots%20women.jpg
  • Keeys
    Have people got their orders yet? I had a problem with my bank so payment only went through a few days ago :( Was wondering if everyone was happy with their items. Am so looing forward to getting mine in the new year :)
  • queenshrew
    Mine arrived today. Sadly all the 50c items I purchased were not available. Only the items that were $5 and above were dispatched. Really happy with what did come though! Although really disappointed with all the missing 50c and $1 items which I thought were real bargains.

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