Weekly Scoop of Top Life Hacks: Halloween Tips and Tricks

You may have noticed the stores already being filled with Halloween costumes and other types of scary products to get us into the mood and if this has got your ideas spinning, this week’s hack post will prepare you for the gruelling event. Creating a fun night for the kids or even an adult themed evening with friends can be a great way to do something different from the usual.

Today we’re going to look at costume hacks, Halloween games and a variety of other useful tips to ensure you have the most fun possible this year. Even those of you who don’t enjoy this time of year or specifically this event can learn a few tricks to play on your pesky doorbell ringers.


Halloween Costume Hacks

This video extensively covers 13 different types of costumes you can make, from scary characters to more current ones from Pokemon Go. All costumes are DIY so you can take as much or as little as you want from the costume to make your own version, depending on how much money you would like to save.

[Source: Wengie]


Halloween Games for Kids

Depending on the age of your kids certain games might be more or less appropriate, so the video below covers a variety of activities you can do with kids from all ages. Whether it’s reading a scary story to your four year old or having a completely themed Halloween party with additional ghouls to help scare the ten year olds.

[Source: Top Tube]


Halloween Decoration Hacks

Decorating the house or garden can be a challenge when you have to buy everything brand new from the store and if you don’t buy enough, the attempt can feel hollow. This video will show you how to make some great Halloween decorations that will really get the Goosebumps rising on the back of your kids necks.

[Source: CrazyRussianHacker]


Lazy Halloween Costume Ideas

If you don’t like making much of an effort when it comes to Halloween but still want to attend a fancy dress party and need a costume, then these costumes are ideal for you. Whether it’s laziness or simply a tight budget that is causing you to save money on fancy dress costumes, this video has a range of ideas you can put together in 15 minutes.

[Source: nigahiga]


Halloween DIY Treats

Halloween food can be extraordinarily expensive and can deter many people from buying it. If you still want to capture the imagination of your kids and their friends, these DIY Halloween food hacks will show you how to make some truly scary snacks.

[Source: AskMen]


Halloween Pranks

Finally, if you are the type of person who enjoys watching the kids get spooked with minimal effort from yourself, then these hacks are perfect for achieving the scare factor. Try any one of these funny pranks to humour yourself and your family at the expense of those pesky ‘trick or treaters’.

[Source: Rich Ferguson]

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