Weekly Lineup of the Top Australian Freebies (October Week 1)

Our freebie hunters have found some juicy goodies for you guys this week, not only do we have the hottest ranking freebie of all time on Buckscoop, but also one of the most expensive freebies Buckscoop has ever written about too. Thanks to our legendary deal hunter ‘earth’ this week’s Master’s freebie reached a record breaking 503 degrees in popularity.

Also today we have a free toothpaste from Toluna, two free tickets to the Brisbane The Good Food and Wine Show as well as  a gel sample from Klara. Finally, for the growing number of Google Chromecast owners out there, check out the latest list of freebies Google are serving up this month.


Toluna – Free Fluoflor Toothpaste

Toluna this week are back to their old selves giving out 500 test samples to lucky members. The Fluoflor toothpaste on offer is recommended for children’s gentle teeth. The formula they have used has slight whitening and freshening elements that also naturally strengthen teeth and freshen breath.

Toluna Toothpaste Offer

Expiry Date: 5th October 2015


Free Tablet Also worth mentioning is Toluna’s 15-year anniversary coming up, so to celebrate they are inviting you to enter their lottery and win one of 15 free tablets (either an iPad Mini 2 or Samsung Tab E, which winners can choose which they prefer). All you have to do is complete one of their surveys to earn 1,000 points and then use those points to buy a Toluna lottery ticket.

Free Tablet from Toluna Lottery to celebrate their 15th Birthday



Klara Cosmetics – Free Gel Sample

Klara cosmetics are giving away 500 free samples of reset gel, which is one of their new ground breaking formulas. This latest product is designed to mimic an instant microdermabrasion treatment that resurfaces your skin leaving it radiant and smooth. However, don’t let that alter your perception, because lots of natural ingredients have been used to create it, such as French Honey, Bamboo and Olive extracts.

Klara Cosmetics Free Gel Sample

Expiry Date: 4th October 2015


Master – Free 1 Litre of Paint

Hurry down to your local Masters store, because as of the 1st of October they have been giving away a 1-litre free sample pot of Sherwin-Williams paint. There is a limit of one pot per customer but still, free paint is free paint, especially a sample of this quality and quantity. It’s been so popular on Buckscoop that it’s reached the highest temperature of all time.

Masters Home Improvement Banner for Free Paint Pot

Expiry Date: 7th October 2015


Chromecast – Freebie Selection

Google's current offer of freebie content and services to Australian Chromecast device owners has a pretty enticing variety to choose from. For any of you who aren't aware of what a Chromecast is, well it's Google's little wonder device that let's you effortlessly stream video content from any PC/laptop/tablet/phone wirelessly to your TV. It's cheap and incredibly user-friendly and has taken the market by storm. The latest lineup of freebies consists of (a) Unlimited music from Google Play for 30 days, (b) Movie rental on Google Play, (c) 90 days of unlimited music for free with Deezer premium and (d) 30-day trial of Crunchyroll Premium for free.

FYI: Google haven’t announced an expiry date, so the below expiration time is only a guideline based on prior experience with these Google offerings.

Chromecast Freebie selection including Deezer and Crunchyroll

Expiry Date: 31st October 2015


The Good Food and Wine Show – Free Tickets

The show’s website is allowing you to receive 2 x free adult tickets to their Brisbane venue. If you want to get your hands on some 'good food and wine' (no pun) then visit their website, select buy tickets in the top right corner and then when prompted you'll need to enter the free code mentioned here which gives the option to select the two complimentary general adult entrance tickets.

The Good Food and Wine Show Free Tickets

Expiry Date: 1st November 2015


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