Weekly Lineup of the Top Australian Freebies (June Week 4)

Freebie Friday is here again guys bringing you the very best from across Australia. What better way to lift your spirits than to order yourself a bunch of free stuff and brighten up your mood especially with the not so great weather. If you didn’t know about national tree day, then continue reading because we have a freebie that comes with a great cause this Friday.

Whilst we have a freebie that specifically helps the environment, we also can offer you one where the environment helps you, because mother nature is not the only one who suffers during the autumn and winter months. This week you can look forward to free stuff from Aware Environmental, the Sydney Good Food & Wine Show, Toluna, Glaxo-Smith Kline and SteviaSweet.


Aware Environmental – Free Seedsticks

1996 saw the birth of National Tree Day and ever since it has been a huge success. The national day has encouraged more than 3 million people to plant over 21 million trees and what a nice occasion to be a part of. This year is the National Tree Day’s 20th anniversary and you can help celebrate your local environment by receiving and planting your free pack of seed sticks. You'll need to be quick though as this freebie expires today, Friday 25th.

National Tree Day Seed Sticks Freebie to support the local environment

Expiry Date: 25th June 2015


Sydney Good Food & Wine Show – 2 x Free Tickets

Normally two general admission tickets would set you back $64 so the fact you can get them for $0.00 is fantastic. You'll need to use promotional code "L&S" to get these for free. Then once you've applied the code, simply select your location (Perth, Sydney or Brisbane) and then spend the rest of your time enjoying sample products from hundreds of food and beverage exhibitors and discovering new products and food ideas. If there was ever a good excuse to put on weight, I think I’ve found mine.

Sydney Good Food & Wine Exhibition

Expiry Date: 30th June 2015


Toluna – Free Lipstick Sample

Our weekly regular has another little tester for us this week, Toluna are giving away willing test candidates a chance to try out a new lipstick from Nivea. They are offering their usual test number of 300 samples to successfully selected testers which, as you probably know very well by now, are selected at random. I am not sure if there will be colours to choose from, but the picture displays a very deep red lipstick numbered 79. I hope that’s helpful in some way for the ladies. ;-)

Toluna Freebie of Nivea Lipstick

Expiry Date: 29th June 2015


Glaxo-Smith Kline – Free Sensodyne Toothpaste

GSK have not revealed too much information regarding this freebie. The link they have provided simply asks you to fill out a form with no details on the sample what so ever. However, being a sensodyne product you can expect a toothpaste sample specifically designed to help people with sensitive teeth. The dental care specialist provides a range of products to protect teeth and gums. Certain products provide rapid relief on sensitive areas whilst others repair and protect areas of your teeth. If anyone receives one, it would be brilliant if you could let us know about it in the comments section below.

Glaxo-Smith Kline Sensodyne Toothpaste give away

Expiry Date: 31st August 2015


SteviaSweet – Free Hermesetas

SteviaSweet is a plant-based sweetener that offers you the opportunity to sweeten your drink without adding extra calories or carbohydrates. SteviaSweet is extracted through a complex process from leaves of the stevia plant. The taste is very similar to sugar and through a number of taste tests, it was very difficult for test subjects to tell the difference between a drink with sugar and a drink with SteviaSweet. Plus if you have sensitive teeth and were interested in the Sensodyne freebie, then you should know that stevia is also very easy on your teeth, says the Dental Science Group at Purdue University, USA.

SteviaSweet Natural Healthy Sweetener for your teeth and your diet

Expiry Date: 31st July 2015

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