Weekly Lineup of the Top Australian Freebies (July Week 1)

Welcome to July everyone. It's the first Friday of the month and along with it we have the usual selection of free stuff which you've no doubt become well accustomed to here at Buckscoop. On the topic of free stuff, what a phenomenal achievement that a solar powered plane is conquering the skies using nothing but free energy from the sun to travel around the world. Such a great cause and a huge step forward for aviation.

Getting back to the freebies on hand this week, our lineup is brought to you by Google Play, Aveeno, L’Occitane, Toluna and the family’s favourite store IKEA. So scroll down to find out how to get your hands on them.


Google Play – Free Movie Rental

Who doesn’t love a bit of Tom & Jerry? Google Play is giving you the chance to watch the movie for free and enjoy the usual T&J antics. This adventure takes you into the world of the ‘Super Race’, an extreme reality in which the contestants compete in an all-terrain car race around the world. The winner is awarded with the ultimate luxury mansion as a prize. Join T&J as they race through Paris, China, America and much more to win the ultimate prize.

Google Play Banner for free Tom and Jerry Movie

Expiry Date: 15th July 2015


Aveeno – Free Moisturising Lotion

Aveeno are giving away a free 10ml moisturising lotion sample to Australian residents only. If you’ve not heard of these guys before, then indulge in their unique formula which has been clinically proven to replenish the skin's natural barrier function. The moisturiser acts fast to fight dry skin and can heal an area in up to 2 weeks with daily application. The lotion absorbs quickly and leaves your skin feeling soft. The lotion is also fragrance and paraben free.

Aveeno Free Moisturiser

Expiry Date: 31st July 2015


L’Occitane – Free Shea Butter Cream

The company is giving away free samples of its new ultra light comforting cream. This isn’t any ordinary cream, it’s a 48 hour hydration cream to tackle all types of skin with its 5% concentration of shea butter. This new product is made with organic fair trade shea butter to deliver a long lasting moisturising affect on your skin.

L’Occitane – Free Shea Butter Cream

Expiry Date: 7th July 2015


Toluna – Free Nair Wax Strips

Toluna this week are giving away Nair Wax strip samples that contain 40 strips. The application is quite versatile and can be used for legs, body and bikini jobs. They contain argan oil and jojoba oil to treat the skin kindly and deliver results for up to 4 weeks. The type of wax is hydrogenated microcrystalline wax that has been slightly fragranced.

Toluna Free Nair Wax Strips free sample

Expiry Date: 6th July 2015


IKEA – Free Breakfast

That’s right, you read it correctly, IKEA are giving away free breakfast to the first 200 families that enter their stores each day from today and until the 5th of July 2015. Before you go running off, remember that this offer is not available in IKEA Tempe, SA or WA. If you’re wondering why IKEA is being so generous, its because they are celebrating 40 years of IKEA being in Australia and to help them do that, they are inviting you to breakfast.

IKEA Free Breakfast to Celebrate 40 years in Australia

Expiry Date: 5th July 2015

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