Weekly Lineup of the Top Australian Freebies (January Week 3)

It’s the third week of January in the new year of 2016 and it’s great to see so many companies maintaining their freebie offerings to the Australian public. If it wasn’t for all of them, my 2015 would certainly have been even more expensive.

We are always trying to improve ourselves here at Buckscoop and would greatly appreciate any recommendations or feedback that you can give us about our weekly freebies blog. But, if you just want free stuff, then today we have exactly that from Huggies, Dissh, Amazon, Toluna and Hoyts Kiosk.


Huggies – Free Dry Nite Sample

If you believe your child is getting to that bedwetting stage or perhaps you want to make them feel more comfortable when sleeping over at a friends house, Huggies DryNites might be the answer. They lock away moisture for a dryer nights sleep, designed for comfort during whilst sleeping and each packet is tailored for either boys or girls.

Huggies Drynites Freebie

Expiry Date: 31st January 2015


Dissh – Free Printable Calendar

If you're yet to pick up a new calendar for the year, here's a great option from fashion retailer Dissh. The printable calendar contains an uncoloured graphic for each month giving you the chance to put your creative touch to it by colouring them in as you see fit. Or if you have kids and prefer them to do the colouring in, this can be a great exercise to keep them busy.

Dissh Boutiques free printable calendar

Expiry Date: 31st December 2016


Amazon – Free Chats with Cats Book

Any cat lover will love a copy of Chats with Cats and based on recent reviews, it’s scored an impressive 4.3 out of 5 stars. The book focuses on helping humans understand cats more because at the moment, it would seem as though they have the upper paw in getting us to do what they want all the time. Reviewer’s applauded the wealth of information jammed into this book and highly recommended it to all cat lovers out there.

Amazon Free Chats with Cats Kindle Book

Expiry Date: 31st January 2016


Toluna – Free Nivea Pure & Natural Lipstick

This week Toluna have decided to give away 300 samples of Nivea’s ‘Pure & Natural Lipstick’ which come in a variety of 6 different shades. The application is smooth and moisturising even when applying to dry lips. All colours are subtle and natural, perhaps not going out colours, but ideal for everyday wear. The neutrality of the colours mean they are suitable for women of all ages. The colours are; petal cranberry, spiced plum, earthen nude, cinnamon dream, chestnut brown and rich cocoa.

Toluna Free Nivea Lipstick

Expiry Date: 18th January 2016


Hoyts Kiosk – Free Rental

If you are planning a movie night in this weekend and need more inspiration than just the regular channels on TV, get your hands on this coupon code from Hoyts Kiosk giving you a free movie rental. Choose from a range of current titles such as ‘Straight outta Compton’, ‘Hitman’, ‘Southpaw’, ‘Mission Impossible’ and ‘Spy’. If you are looking for a movie marathon and decide to rent additional films, Hoyts Kiosk have a few ‘rent to win’ incentives too, including prizes like a Sony home theatre system.

Hoyts Kiosk Free movie

Expiry Date: 18th January 2016



  • Nomadx
    Free Nivea Pure & Natural Lipstick is good! I love it!
  • 123Waller
    Thanks! All deals are good!

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