Weekly Lineup of the Top Australian Freebies (January Week 2)

It was this time last week that we were all waking up facing a new year, some groggier than others (you know who you are!). We are one solid week into the New Year and if you haven’t already, it’s time to dust off all the cobwebs from last year and gear up for an exciting freebie-filled 2016.

Companies across Australia are preparing their freebie marketing campaigns and we will be there to make sure their samples and free services find a new home, namely yours. This week I've got offers in the form of tickets to the Baby and Toddler Show, hundreds of streaming videos from Open Culture, antiperspirants from Toluna, $25 in credit for tradies via Service Guru and a couple of photography books at Amazon AU.


Toluna – Sanex Deo Sticks

It wouldn’t be a freebie week without an appearance from our regular, Toluna. This week they have reduced the amount of freebies from their usual offer amount down to 200 items. Sign up with them this week however, and if you are selected, you will receive a free Sanex Deo stick to help keep your underarms smelling fresh.

Toluna free Sanex Deo Stick 2nd week of January

Expiry Date: 11th January 2016


Amazon AU – 3 Free Photography Books

Amazon AU is kicking off the year with a very generous gift to all photography loving Australians. If you're a novice looking to improve your skills with the camera, these three free books might be just what the doctor ordered. This photography box set includes "Tips and Tricks to Make Professional Photos", "The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Start Taking Photos" and "23 Pro Tips to Dramatic Digital Photos".

Amazon AU 3 Free photography books

Expiry Date: 14th January 2016


Baby and Toddler Show in Brisbane or Melbourne – Free Tickets

Tickets to this show usually cost $20 per adult, but if you would like to save yourself some money by getting in for free, this is your opportunity. The Brisbane show commences on the 4-6th March, whilst the Melbourne dates follow closely behind on the 1-3rd April. At the moment it’s too early to apply for the Sydney tickets, however the dates for the Sydney show are 23-25th September. Please keep an eye on the website for updates regarding Sydney.

Baby and Toddler Show in Brisbane or Melbourne Free Tickets

Expiry Date: 31st March 2016


Open Culture – 725 Free Movies Online

Open Culture considers itself  to be the best free cultural and educational media on the web and it’s offering you the chance to watch a whopping 725 free movies online, free of charge. The films range from great classics, martial arts, silent films, Indies, noir / horror, comedy, drama and westerns. This website can be accessed either via your smart TV or via a smart device such as a smartphone or laptop for example.

Open Culture 725 free movies online

Expiry Date: 31st March 2016


Service Guru - $25 Credit for all Trade Service providers

Service Guru is a personalised hire service for Australians looking for some form of service e.g. plumber, painter, gardener, electrician etc. If you have ever struggled to find a trustworthy tradie in your area, then using this free $25 can help you bear the brunt some of the cost in finding one. The free $25 that is credited into your new account and can be used for service providers in your area.

Service Guru $25 credit for all trade service providers

Expiry Date: 31st August 2016

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