Weekly Lineup of the Top Australian Freebies (August Week 4)

Today I present the final freebies post for August 2015 with a feeling of amazement at just how quickly this year is flying by. The amount of free stuff we have offered you to date has already totalled over 175 different products or services and there's more where that came from this week too.

Our roundup today provides another mixed bag of freebies from the likes of GoPro, Harvey Norman, TENA, Google Play Music and Amazon. The products/services these guys have on offer this week range from unique fathers day gifts and stickers to music albums and meditation books.


Google Play Music – Whitney Houston: The Ultimate Collection

One of the most iconic female singers to ever walked the planet has one of her ultimate collections being given away for free on Google Play Music. If you have ever heard Whitney Houston’s music then you will be familiar with her powerful voice and singing style. This album covers her singing career from the 80’s and 90’s. The majority of the songs are her originals, but there are also some alternative mixes for those die hard Houston fans that would like to hear some slight variances of her music. The album contains a total of 18 songs.

Google Play Music Free Whitney Houston Album

Expiry Date: 31st August 2015


Amazon – Meditation for Beginners Kindle Book

Amazon is giving away a free downloadable Kindle book which explores the practice of meditation. Master the Art Of: Mindfulness Meditation and Quieting the Mind, is a book designed to help people deal with anxiety and come to peace with themselves through meditating. Read this book to explore the ancient practice and soothe your troubled soul, because an author who dealt with the same anxieties and troubles has written this book.

Amazon Meditation Book Free Download

Expiry Date: 28th August 2015


Harvey Norman – Free Personalised Card

Harvey Norman are helping you celebrate fathers day by giving you the chance to come in and have a free photo taken to be put on the front of your dad’s Fathers Day card. Make your dad feel extra special this year and give him a personalised card no one else can compete with. There is a limit of one per customer.

Harvey Norman Free Photo for Personalised Fathers Day Card

Expiry Date: 6th September 2015


GoPro – Free Sticker Pack

If you are a GoPro fan wishing you owned one or happen to have one already then this is the ideal sticker set to brand your device and other possessions. Change the image of your GoPro camera to make it stick out from the rest or place stickers on other items to let people know you use serious camera equipment. The iconic 4 blue squares on the GoPro logo will surely let people know what you use whilst also giving you a cool, edgy image.

GoPro Banner for Free GoPro Stickers

Expiry Date: 30th November 2015


TENA – Free Liners / Pads / Pants for Men and Women

TENA specialise in making their products as discreet as regular underwear, so you don’t have to think about feeling uncomfortable in that moment of weakness. Heavy bladder weakness can cause embarrassing situations, but with TENA you can fight those moments with the upmost discretion. Samples are available in both medium and large for men and for women.

TENA Male and Female Weak Bladder Underwear

Expiry Date: 31st December 2015


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