Weekly Lineup of the Top Australian Freebies (April Week 4)

We are back again after a dismal performance from Australian retailers last week having little in the way of decent freebies to offer. To make up for the previous week's lacklustre freebie count, we have more than our usual five offers to tell you about today. A bit of advice for the future though to anyone who feels like they're missing out on their weekly freebie fix, don't forget to head to the Buckscoop deals page. I assure you that some of our bargains are so good that they're almost on a par with getting stuff for free. Just click here to see the latest list of deals.

Deals aside and without further ado, today we have a good variety of freebies being given away. Toluna is making yet another appearance, whilst there's also a free cat tracker (of all things!) available to South Australia residents. Then there's Hoyts kiosk who's giving away free movies, Jim’s Jerky offering free samples - possibly to enjoy with your free movie - and finally bringing up the rear is Aveda (with free hair thickening tonic) and Amazon.com (offering free credit for music downloads).


Toluna – 300 Free Glade Samples by Brise

This week Toluna are giving away Glade samples to those who register as a tester. The company is making 300 samples available so you must be within the first 300 to receive yours. Glade is a world leader in deodorisers and air fresheners most famously known for their wall plug in and decorative fresheners. Their tantalising scent range offers something for everyone with fruity, floral, clean, gourmet, spicy and tropical scents on offer. Revitalise your house this winter with a new glade scent.

Toluna Freebie Australia Glade Giveaway

Expiry Date: 27th April 2015


Discovery Circle – Free Cat Tracker (Southern Australia Only)

Discovery Circle want to help you discover the secret life of your cat with their cat tracker. The research will help teams of scientists explore and record the fascinating wildlife that we share our city with. Complete the survey, which includes a personality test of your cat, to receive a GPS tracking device on loan to you. Upon completion Discovery Circle will send you the results of your cats personality and where their adventures took them. I would love to know where Mr. Tinkles goes at night and now you can find out (provided you live in Southern Australia).

 Discovery Circle – Free Cat Tracker (Southern Australia Only)

Expiry Date: 31st May 2015


Jim’s Jerky – Free Samples

To receive your free sample of Jim’s Jerky find the form to request by clicking at the top right part of their homepage. Jim’s Jerky produce 100% Australian beef jerky and biltong and in true meat loving fashion they state that ‘Vegetarian’ is an old Indian word for bad hunter.

 Jim’s Jerky Free Samples One per household in Australia

Expiry Date: 30th April 2015


Hoysts Kiosk – Free Movie Rental

Hoysts Kiosk is allowing anyone who signs up to their newsletter to receive a free movie voucher from BWS. Have a night in on them and pick from a range of ‘New Releases’ and ‘Most Popular’ titles from either movies or series. The types of new movies available for example are; Paddington, Wild Card and Pitch Perfect, whilst highly rated series such as Suits or House of Cards may also catch your attention.

 Hoysts Kiosk Free Movie Rental when Signing up to BWS Newsletter

Expiry Date: 30th April 2015


Aveda - Free Hair Thickening Sample

Aveda are giving away a free 10ml hair thickening tonic sample to the first 1000 people who sign up. The tonic is 97% naturally derived from plants and non-petroleum minerals or water. The new formula has also been proven to thicken the hair by using the power of certified organic amla fruit. To add a cherry on top every applicant will be added to a draw where they can win an ultimate thickening kit and best selling invati system.

Aveda Free Hair Thickening 10ml Sample

Expiry Date: 30th April 2015


Amazon.com - $1 Credit towards Music Downloads

This is your chance to get $1 free credit toward music on Amazon.com. The first step you need take is download at least one of Amazon's qualifying apps within the Android app store. Once you have downloaded the app you will receive an email stating that the $1 free credit for Amazon MP3 music has been automatically applied to your account. The email will also contain instructions on how to redeem this credit. To read the T&C's click here.

Amazon Give away $1 When you Download one of their Approved Apps

Expiry Date: 30th April 2015

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