31 January 2007

Ok - now that we are getting a little older and crustier, weve been playing with the temperature control settings for the deals. Essentially what this means is that only deals that reach a certain temperature, will be visible on the deals page, the rest will stay in the relevant forum sections until they start thawing out. So if youre used to just coming to the deals page to see things youre going to be missing out.

Our temperature controls allow you lot, the Buckscoop community, to have your say on each deal posted in the forums even your own. If you think it is a bargain then vote hot. If you dont, vote cold. It is all up to you!

One thing to remember is that the temperature of a deal is controlled by a number of things, how many comments it has, how many views it has, how many votes it has, who the voters were etc.

Your voting power (which determines how much the temp changes when you vote) is determined by your reputation. Every time you post a deal, post on the forum, make a comment using the little comments link below (really a post to the bulletin board) or have your deal voted hot by others your POWER increases, and a little secret if you post a deal and it gets voted hot youll probably be promoted to superman (or woman) around here and have more voting power than we do hows that for democracy.

We know theres a little Johnny Howard in all of you so how do you vote? See the little hot, cold and warm buttons below. Click them. Gwaaan you know you want to just a little one. You want to be superman not just little Johnny then become active around here and well supply you the red undies at a bargain.

If you have any questions at all, or are looking for a particular thing (computer, present, voucher) please post in the forum dont be shy, we dont bite. Or just PM to Nod or Admin.

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  • mouldgirl
    hehehehe voted hot and only increased temp by about 0.08 of a degree :( :( :( my reputation is mud I will need to work on it :rolleyes:
  • admin EDITOR
    go girl -lets see how high we can get this to go....
  • admin EDITOR
    :D:D - classic - I just posted a duplicate of this not knowing you'd already done it nod, and then wondered why I couldnt see it on the front page .... [SIZE=1]Im intelligent in real life - really - I am.... By the way - the temperature went up 0.5 degrees when I posted this comment. [/SIZE]

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