We LOVE Snapfish - Bucky cashback now $15 PLUS 20 Free prints

17 September 2008

Gotta love Snapfish this year! They have been pulling out all the stops to drag in the new customers. We have seen $10 then $12 and now $15 cashback on a validated transaction and you still get 20 FREE prints

New customers only

Make sure you clear your cookies before you make this purchase
Offer available until 13th October .. they must have known that is our birthday

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  • nod
    Hot vote from me :)
  • leny
    It stinks how it's for new customers only.
  • nod
    It stinks how it's for new customers only.
    :D LOL well yeah it is in a way. Would be nice to reward existing customers too but I guess they do that with codes etc.. A lot of money to generate new customers at $15 a head! Get a friend to sign up and put an order thru :D
  • nlafanclub
    I signed up ages ago, but never placed an order. So..... does that mean I will still get the $15 bucky if I place my first order now? :confused:
  • nod
    Sorry Nlafanclub ... if you are signed up then you are not classed as a new customer
  • blackmyst
    They're really rewarding their new customers, what a great way to get them.... I was happy with my cash back when i signed up ages ago, id be over the moon to get the $15 if i were a new customer now....

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