Water Powered Clock @ Jaycar Electronics $19.95

7 November 2007

How much of a novelty is this. Its a water powered clock - if that wasnt already bleedingly obvious from the title.

I was originally just going to post this because of the novelty value but its having a look around its a good price as well. You can get a range of water powered clocks (I had no idea they even existed) with prices as low as $7 (Jaycar again) but I like this particular one with the two bottles either side.

The nearest other price was $24 for the same clock, although you may be able to find cheaper.

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  • nod
    http://www.jaycar.com.au/products_uploaded/productLarge_10526.jpg Sorry to say that I think this is um.... super ugly :D
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - yea .... but it runs on water......
  • nod
    still a super ugly clock run on water http://bestsmileys.com/lol/4.gif

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