VISTAPRINT - FREE T-Shirt (postage applies) Dec 24 ONLY* STILL ACTIVE 25/12

23 December 2007

Another VistaPrint deal - and t-shirts are possibly the least common of their freebies. They are nice quality; I've got two of them and am happy with the print and t-shirt quality.

If you've seen a design around that you like, odds are you can imitate it or redesign it here.

Uploaded images cost extra, but I'll see if I can find a link for a free/cheaper upload.

This deals is for today only. T-shirts aren't freebie'd as often as other things.

***link to free pic upload in first post***

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  • lilpretzel
    [CENTER]Cheers ruby, I'll be doing up another one today. I made this one and it just arrived in time for Christmas. :christmastree: ] [/CENTER]
  • lilpretzel
    Does anybody else have problems with tracking for Vistaprint? I've only just noticed none of my orders are tracked :confused:
  • Netjock
    Ordered one thanks! Would like to be alerted on future ones :)
  • voteoften
    :D Hey Netjock, I think the best thing to do would be to sign up for the Vista emails. You get these free offers all the time. I have been offered the free tshirt in about 3 or 4 promos this month alone.
  • ScarletRubies
    No need to sign up for their email... once they've got your address, they are worse than Reader's Digest!!! :) I personally don't mind, and have a brilliant filtration system on my intray, but people should be aware they will email you almost daily! Because this is one of the sites I use often, I actually keep their junk mail (lame, eh?). In the last 2 months, they have offered a free t-shirt twice. Including this offer, which is supposedly for 24 hours only. Out of 36 emails (yep - 36 in two calendar months).
  • nod
    :D that is a lot of emails?
  • ScarletRubies
    from one company? Yeah, I think it is excessive. Must admit, I haven't bothered keeping anyone else's for a comparison. Be worth a thread in "tangent" - 'Who is the biggest junk mail offender?'. Not that I find Vista offensive - I actually like getting their junk. OO on the other hand - oy vey, my own fault I guess!

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