VIP Lounge for the Boxing day sales at Myer, even Perth! Print Invite

22 December 2007

You will need to print the invite and bring your Myer One card.

Exclusive MYER one VIP lounge
Location Details
Wednesday 26 December: 10am - 5pm
Melbourne City Store : Level 6, Bourke St Building.
Sydney City Store : Level 4, behind the childrenswear department.
Brisbane City Store : Level 4, adjacent to the Moran furniture area.
Thursday 27 December: 10am - 5pm
Adelaide City Store : Cocos on Lvl 1 opposite designer womenswear.
Perth City Store : Level 3, furniture department.
The MYER one VIP lounge is reserved for premium MYER one Members like you. So come
along and enjoy a break from your busy day of shopping on the fi rst day of the Stocktake Sale.
In the VIP lounge youll be rewarded with refreshments, including tea, coffee, bottled water
and snacks. Youll also be able to relax while you read a complimentary magazine. And youll
discover even more treats and surprises on the day!
Simply print this invitation and present it along with your MYER one card to enter the exclusive
lounge area.
We look forward to seeing you there

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  • admin EDITOR
    :D - I'm impressed that your a premium member. Thanks for the post.
  • voteoften
    I am sure all members are that status - or higher! I don't shop at Myer much. More of a target girl myself. That muysic they play in cosmetics really makes me angry. It is so loud. I am sure it must be damaging the employees ears. Honestly, I can not carry on a conversation in cosmetics!
    :D - I'm impressed that your a premium member. Thanks for the post.
  • nod
    :D Thanks for letting us know Voteoften The thing that turns me off in the cosmetics department is the smell :eek: You get assaulted by 500 fragrances when you walk through the store. And it seems that the fragrance departments are nearly always at the main entrance so they are hard to avoid

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