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20 November 2007

Just wanted to let people know I had to pick up a printer at Officeworks today (repaired under warranty, although it was out of warranty by about 2 weeks).

Anyway, I wanted some pens etc and grabbed a couple of packs, and asked if there was any discount available (at $45 it wasn't exactly a big sale!), and the sales assistant instantly gave me 10% off; no haggling, no whining, just a polite request and polite response. I just wanted to remind people that discounts are very often available - just ask.

* just in case it's not easily visible, the shoe has a "tip jar"... I'm not just trying to tantalise the boys. O r girls.

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  • nod
    I will give you a hot vote for that :) A 10% discount is not a lot but it is cash that is always better off in your pocket than theirs :D

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