The Good Guys - Cost Price + $1 On Electrical Store Stock

30 September 2009

I don't have much more information that what the title says, but in the good guys brochure from 2nd - 4th October, everything in the sale (I'm assuming) is cost price + $1 (guess they have to make some sort of profit!)

EDIT - Use the website to check your local catalogue for sale details. Ad is found on last page of catalogue. Sale length differs between stores but generally seems to be over the long weekend - Golfwidow

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  • betaman
    taskel did you read that on a paper brochure or hervey bay's website?
  • taskel
    taskel did you read that on a paper brochure or hervey bay's website?
    Hey betaman, just updated the OP with a better link & pic, it was online at the Hervey Bey location website's catalogue.
  • mixo
    these are scams... do you really know what is invoice price??? just because their computer tells them its invoice price doesnt mean you cant get better price.. i would have done your homework before you turn up to one of these.... mixo
  • fairybelle
    Welcome to Buckscoop Mixo I have to agree with you as well. I went to one awhile ago and they tried to tell me that a dvd player's cost to them was something riduclous like $150.00 or something..... and Im like if thats the case you need to get a new supplier....
  • melscott28
    Has been advertised in country WA on tv
  • spodosaurus
    I've had negative experiences with goodguys (and other stores) doing these types of sales. Generally the savings, if there are any, aren't very good.
  • NoosieB
    It seems this sale is happening across the whole of Australia. Here's the link for you to check out your catalogue. Choose Store Locator, then your state, then town/city, then click on the Catalogue. It's advertised on the last page. ]
  • NoosieB
    Also, the days of the sale vary from state to state. Some finish on Saturday, Sunday or Monday. Wouldn't want you heading to the Good Guys the day after it finished. :)
  • golfwidow
    Ok have updated the OP. Thanks Taskal and Noosie :)
  • dbydder
    The trick here is that the good guys get a rebate from their suppliers when they purchase a certain volume. This is why they can sell at below invioce price and still make a profit depending on the size of the rebate. So, after the rebate the invioce price is actually higher than the cost price.

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