The 'For Dummies' book series. 25% discount, $5 mail in rebate and $5 voucher

8 March 2009

I looked at this first time and didnt think much of it but after looking a second I reckon its worth posting.

I have no idea what the For Dummies books are like - have never bought one but The Nile have them out at a discount price which is pretty good, add to that the publisher is offering you a $5 mail in rebate and someone - I cant figure out who - is giving you a discount voucher for $5 off your next 'For Dummies' book purchase.

So feasibly the book "French For Dummies" which sells elsewhere for $32.95 can be bought for $24.49 at base price so its already cheap. Take an additional $5 off in the mail in rebate and it leaves you at $19.49 which is a good comparitive price. Assuming they send you the $5 off your next dummies purchase you could then go back and buy another one paying an effective price of $14.49.

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