The Clanfluence - May 2008 - rates up already !!! And AGAIN!!!!

7 May 2008

And you just gotta love the power of the clanfluence .. Deals Direct have jumped up several tiers already this month ... hopefully more merchants will follow suit

Deals Direct up from 4.5% to 6.3% in on hit !

:) - and DD are up again to 6.75% - and nice that its only the 13th of the month.

14/05 - Topbuy have gone up a tier for those of you shopping there. Now running at 4.4% for validated transactions across the rest of the month.

25/05 - A late runner..... have gone up to 5.85% - retrospective across all transactions for the month which is nice.

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  • admin EDITOR
    Nice early little jump. Thats good - means everyone else who's confirmed this month will be at that rate.
  • nod
    ah yeah - will too! Party at DD this month then :w00t:
  • lilpretzel
    :w00t: :w00t: Is it too much to ask for........................ FREE SHIPPING!!! :whistling: Well done Buckscoopers.
  • nod
    LOL well we can ask but not sure that DD will answer :D
  • Brad
    :) - will be good to see if we can break the record on DD's rate this month - looking good! :)
  • Keeys
    I want free shipping @ DD as well PRETTY PLEASE!!
  • wheadle
    I third the free shipping beg :)
  • nod
    And up again :) ]Deals Direct are now at 6.75% for all confirmed transactions this month :w00t: Excellent work guys!
  • admin EDITOR
    I think thats only the second time we've hit that level. Nice.
  • lindanat
    wtg all nice work
  • Keeys
    imagine how high we could go if they'd give us free postage ;)
  • nod
    imagine how high we could go if they'd give us free postage ;)
    hehehehehe well I think we will just have to keep asking ...... Please may we have free Shipping Mrs and Mr Deals Direct :prop: :innocent:
  • admin EDITOR
    Topbuy are now up to 4.4% for the rest of the month.
  • admin EDITOR
    Awesome. Deals direct are up to their highest yet, and then they go do a free shipping deal. Good timing I say. Another one to go up a tier this month is Late but it doesnt matter so much with them as the increase applies retrospectively across the whole of the month.

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