The clanfluence - collective back pats for March 08

7 March 2008

We're at it once again. Consumer revenge.

You've all forced Deals Direct back up a tier for March already to 4.95%. As always - nice to see to buckscoop clanfluence at work.

An an update on the 14th March - Deals Direct have gone up another tier - so from now for the rest of the month confirmed transactions will go through at 5.4%

And another update 17th March. Deals Direct are up yet again to 5.85%.

Second one for the month is - up now to 6.3% as we've jumped through two tiers.

And once again - unofficially Catch of the Day are going through at 5.85% - I say unofficially because it makes no sense - they're not supposed to be at that rate but its good for you lot :). They will show the correct figure until end of month and we'll adjust the rates to show the increase once are sure that its going to remain.

As of 20th March Two Dollar Shop went through the first tier and are now running at 4.95%

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  • nod
    Gotta give it a hot vote :D
  • Brad
    HOT! Nice and early in the month. :)
  • admin EDITOR
    We've now got up two tiers for the month. Even better they apply retrospectively across the whole of the month.. nice one.
  • lilpretzel
  • admin EDITOR
    More applause required... deals direct are up yet another tier. Now paying out at 5.4% for any confirmed transaction between now and the end of the month.
  • admin EDITOR
    And deals direct have gone up again to 5.85% - and I've added catch of the day who are also going through at an 'unofficial' rate of 5.85% per transaction.
  • nod
    nice one :) Up a new tier in 3 days :w00t:
  • admin EDITOR
    A bit of a dark horse - twodollar shop haas gone up one tier for the rest of the month - just in case anyone was needing to stock up there.
  • golfwidow
    Its getting too darn easy to find an excuse to shop these days :o

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