*** THE BUCKSCOOP CUP ***.... Horse required Thurs 5th 930PM EDST

2 November 2009

Since we have some left over prize money and it is Melbourne Cup week I figured we should have our own cup

Race to be run Thursday 930pm EDST ... sorry WA I know it is a bit early.. but you did vote NO for DS ;-)

Details to follow tomorrow

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  • craftykiwi
    Sounds fun Nod. Here's hoping my horse does better than previous years' picks on the real Melbourne Cup.
  • kermi
    [FONT=Comic Sans MS] I think I need to have a go here.... ;)[/FONT]
  • allylees
    I might have a go at this. I think I'll have a better chance than the Melbourne Cup!
  • kazyazy
    Sounds like fun :D
  • winniblu
    yay :) count me in. So what time will it be here in Perth?
  • melscott28
    yay :) count me in. So what time will it be here in Perth?
    it will be 6:30
  • frogduck
    No to DS! :D i'll try be here :)
  • atomicbazza
    well i voted for daylight savings, living in the past sucks
  • doozerberry
    oh im interested, what do i need to do?
  • naffi
    count me in too please
  • lilpretzel
  • thanratt
    can I have a horse too please?

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