The Buckscoop clanfluence - collective back pat for December

5 December 2007

As usual I've got a smile on my face. I like it when we get early increases.

The first of the month was Home Couture (4.95%)
The second is Travel Insurance Direct (8.55%)
The third is (5.85%)
The fourth is deals direct (was 5.4% - now 5.85%)
And the fifth is Flowers For Everyone (13.2%)

So, its a collective thanks again. Everyone who uses this site benefits from the rate increases the merchants give us for volume.

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  • admin EDITOR
    :D - now that I've posted this I probably should go change the rates huh....
  • nod
    Cool!!!! Nice one people :)
  • admin EDITOR
    And I've just added deals direct to that list - now at 5.4%
  • admin EDITOR
    And yet anothery - Flowers For Everyone has gone to 13.2%. I heard a term the other day which made me laugh - clanfluence. It refers to the clanning together of people on the internet and has all the associative aspects of the benefit a clan brings. These rate increases which we pass back to you would classify as part of the Buckscoop clanfluence :)
  • nod
    LOL all the new words that will appear thanks to the net
  • admin EDITOR
    I like that one. Came from a 'trendspotter'
  • nod
    love the new title Admin :w00t:
  • admin EDITOR
    And we're back here again. Deals direct are up again - 5.85% now to carry us through to the end of the month. We've got a pretty large que of pending transactions on deals direct banked up of which we'd expect a good chunk to be approved next month - I'd say we'll get back up to this level again in Jan. The clanfluence.... its good.
  • Brad
    :D - All those free shipping promotions.
  • Keeys
    I LOVE FREE SHIPPING!! BTW when did we become so American we now call it shipping in Aus its always been postage hmmmmm dam USA has alot to answer for ;)
  • MamaK
    wtg! I have to say I prefer to say shipping instead of postage now that I am used to it
  • lindanat
    Same i prefer shipping :) Wonder when play4me gonna increase and support us, i must have spent hmmmm ummm lots :))

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