The Book Depository - 10% off for the weekend (for Facebook Users) Free Shipping to Australia

1 April 2011

The Book Depository is the UK's largest dedicated online bookseller offering the largest range of titles in the world, available for dispatch within 48 hours.

Founded in 2004 to make 'All books available to all' we focus on selling 'less of more' rather than 'more of less', differentiating ourselves from other retailers who increasingly focus on bestsellers.

This weekend only we'd like to give a further 10% off on top of our already great discount to all our fans on facebook. Just enter the discount code FACE3104 on the basket page and receive the extra 10% off. And remember, all shipping to anywhere in the world is FREE.
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How to redeem the offer

You have to come via this link and click on 'Get Shopping' if you wish to use the coupon code.

Then just enter the code FACE3104 in the basket when you begin to checkout.
Terms and conditions

1. The discount code can only be used once per transaction.
2. Discount codes cannot be used with any other voucher or coupon.
3. Discount codes can only be used at time of purchase and not retrospectively.
4. The discount code is only valid until 4th April, 5pm GMT 2011.
5. Discount codes are exclusive of any applicable VAT.
6. The Book Depository is the organiser of this promotion.
7. The Book Depository Limited retains the right to end this promotion without notice.

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  • admin EDITOR
    The free shipping is good - brings it into line with Amazon.
  • nod
    It has always been free shipping no? Does take a while though in my experience. That is normally longer than Amazon
  • lilpretzel
    Good value with our exchange rate :)
  • stevehl
    I've ordered from them twice, freight is 2 to 3 weeks. But for the price I wasnt in a hurry.
  • bruciegee
    Great deal, thanks!
  • zaerine
    Thanks for posting!

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