The Bag (or box) of Pooki For Her. 7 Mystery Items for $19.95 plus $12.95 delivery

4 December 2008

Love it or hate it, its back today only.

They say:

We collect any 7 Pooki items from the warehouse, and pack them in the box.

It's always exciting, and always great value.

This is a Ladies Only box, but gents if you are after Christmas gifts, you will find some real gems in here.

People, just a warning - we can only pack so many Pooki boxes and the demand is always huge, do not delay!

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  • queenshrew
    I haven't bought any of their Pooki since the last time I bought one over a year ago, and it was filled with junk that I ended up giving to the salvos. Only item I kept was a USB fan.. Only because it seemed to amuse my little girl who was about 1+ at that time! It's still at my desk, but never used (as she's got bored of it). The worst gadget they sent me was an egg shell peeler.. it didn't work at all! :( Hopefully this one is alot better for those who do end up buying for the sake of curiousity :D
  • lilpretzel Thanks but no thanks Sandy, I've learnt my lesson :D
  • labgirl
    Ahhh, now I understand. Pooki is COTDish for Cr*p:p
  • fairybelle
    I thought i'd better not post this, i remember last time i posted up the pooki, how cold it got.... I'm going to pass as well... especiall $20 of pooki!

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