Tenth of the Month Super Catches! Under $10 Each @ Catchoftheday plus 4.95% cashback

9 January 2008

Every Catch Going For Under $10 Each!

Yall should know us by now, we are always looking for any excuse to throw a party. Its the tenth of the month, we have a massive range of awesome catches, all going at under $10 each - we call today the DECATCHLON! This is the second time we've held this event, and it's proved to be our second biggest day of the month! Dont forget HALF PRICE SHIPPING for every additional item you purchase!

The full range is viewable/clickable below, or simply refresh to randomly browse through the products on the left in the Small Fish tab, don't miss out on anything - we have limited stock - popular items will sell out fast! We will be adding in bonus $10 catches over the next 24 hours - so make sure you keep an eye on the site!

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  • lisss
    Its pretty much all stuff that theyv featured before for $10 anyway, no real savings.. :whistling:
  • lindanat
    Yea i looked through it all. DONT GET the nail box. I am returning my 2 for a store credit as all the glue is hard and its all really bad quality. i must say tho customer service ansewred fast.
  • nod
    Well at least they are taking it back Lindanat. They wont give you your money back though? Only giving you a store credit is not good enough IMHO
  • fairybelle
    i was wondering about those nail boxes... very suss. Those mystery boxes are always crap
  • Keeys
    I got a boys box and was really happy with it. I wanted if for gifts for when my boys get invites to parties and the items were great for what I wanted them for. Well worth the money I thought. I would have loved some of the wiggles stuff pictured but wasn't lucky enough to get any of that. Happy none the less :D
  • lilpretzel
    Keeys aren't you in bed yet? I bet your going to have shopping withdrawals for the next week. Enjoy your cruise. http://img171.imageshack.us/img171/7243/cruisehc2ry0.jpg

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