Target boxing day sale catalogue

22 December 2008

Stock take sale- catalogue in link

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  • admin EDITOR
    jeeze - they're out already. Should be interesting to see how big some of the sales are this year, given the need to try and reverse the smaller retail spend this year.
  • ntowill
    I've heard different surveys saying different things. One's earlier in the month said spending would be cut, but getting closer to Chrissie some are saying that spending is actually predicted to be up on last year! I wonder if the spending on all these surveys is included in their analysis???? The 1000 thread sheet sets are pretty darn good value - $100 for a queen set (normally $260). Tis the season to get jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la :xmas9:
  • Keeys
    I can't get the link to work can someone let meknow if just me?
  • nod
    works for me I have to say that is does not look any different to the other catalogues they released ie no blinding bargains on quick glance anyway
  • Keeys
    Strange tried it again and it worked ;) I think hubby is trying to stop me seeing the sales ;)
  • Michelle2154
    Im working at Target boxing day. Must have gone nuts:xmas5: Anyway hope some specials are left over till i have a lunch break. Michelle2154
  • lilpretzel
    Miss 16 has her eye on a new quilt set fingers x they have stock :rolleyes:

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