Talking Digital Tyre Guage - $13.90 - ZAZZ Today ONLY

15 September 2007

Talking Digital Tyre Gauge
Perfect for ALL weather conditions, day and night!

Featuring an all-weather, all-the-time design which is marketing lingo for "works at night, in the rain" the Talking Digital Tyre Gauge is exactly like every other digital tyre gauge on the market, except that three seconds after taking and displaying your tyre's pressure rating on its large LCD screen, it tells it to you in nuevo-robo-british!

To be honest, I haven't used more than half a dozen tyre gauges in my lifetime, but what strikes me as more useful in this device than its "wonderful" talking mechanism, is its sleek and lightweight design, its battery saving, automatic shut-off feature and its comfortable, curved plastic "grip system".

Also featuring a 2-150PSI pressure range with readings up to 99.5PSI and suitable for ANY automobile from cars to trucks to motorbikes, today's Talking Digital Tyre Gauge is functional, resilient and dirt cheap at less than $20 shipped.

Grab yours today they won't be here tomorrow!

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