Swimsuits on SALE @ Baby Bandz $12.10 + Delivery

18 November 2007

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  • nod
    anything in particular Fairybelle?
  • Keeys
    I haven't bought their swimwear but I love their sunglasses. My son wears his every time we go outside and in some shops that insist on mega lighting. He has a vision inpairment so needs them for glare but I can highly recomend them for all kids to protect there eyes, I belive in the next few years kids will wear sun glasses just like they all wear hats. Masons just got a new pair of these after his first lot just snapped the band. So I can say wearing them everyday sometimes several hours at a time, they last aprox 9mths. I could just put a new band on them as nothing wrong with the frames or lens. Hope that helps someone? I'm planing on buyong of of the glasses and hat packs so we will have a spare pair for swimming. I can't imagine wearing a wet pair of sunglasses would be confortable ;)

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