Swann DIY Security & Surveillance Kit - $59.80 @ Catch of the day

18 April 2008

SecuraView Monitor, 2 Security Cams, 2 Fake Cams!

Swann global leader in high tech security and surveillance solutions. Theyve been in the business for 20 years and they know their stuff. Today on Catch you pick up a DIY Security Kit featuring everything you need to tie down your home, office or shop. Youll find this kit for sale at up to $169 today, but today exclusively on Catch, you pick one up for just $59.80. Security has never been cheaper!

* SecuraView Monitor . Switch between cameras, with automatic timing you can set!
* 2 Real top quality cameras with microphones! See AND hear!
* 2 Fake cameras deter aspiring thieves with your coverage!
* Easy Do it Yourself Installation and Setup!
* Comes with bonus Swann Secured stickers.

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  • geo78
    Australian Capital Territory Shipping $13.95 Victoria Shipping $9.95 New South Wales Shipping $13.95 Northern Territory Shipping $19.95 Queensland Shipping $14.95 South Australia Shipping $13.95 Tasmania Shipping $14.95 Western Australia Shipping $19.95
  • admin EDITOR
    You'd think they'd put wires coming out of the back of the fake cams to try and make them look a little more realistic. Had a chuckle at the idea of selling two real ones and two fake ones as a kit.

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