Surfstitch Valentines Weekend Gift Card Promotion

SurfStitch have a reasonable promo stack going this weekend. I was just playing around with their valentines day spend X get a gift card promo. Basically you can stack the following stuff up.

The SurfStitch valentines gift card promo.
A free pair of Perv Sunnies (times 2)
$10 off your order with a SurfStitch promo code
A unspecified free gift (times 2)
Free shipping.

It actually works out not a bad deal. If for example you make the $350 threshold you end up with $480 in value for $350 out of your pocket. Where this really starts to make sense is if you need something out of Surfstitch to which other promo codes are excluded - like surfboards, and that surfboard is already on sale......

So assuming I could live with a Santa Cruz 5'0 Ozzie Wright EPX Skeleton board and needed a new wettie I could make the most of the various promo's like this. You could also make up the $350 order with things like fins, wax, leashes, boardies etc if you dont need the wettie.

Buy an O'Neill Gooru GBS SS Full for $369. Not a bad wetsuit for sake of an example - known as one of the best for the price tag. The name oneill is synonymous with wetsuits having been the first manufacturer of them. Discount the cost by $10 by using the promo code FREEBIE. That brings the cost down to $359. You need to have liked them on Facebook and be logged in to use it. Details can be found off the link on our vouchers and coupons page.  Then claim your free Perv Sunnies buy adding the promo code SUN. Thats disputably $30 in value on the order. Bit nerdy but hey, they're free. Claim your $100 Surfstitch gift voucher with the promo code 100GIFT. Thats undisputably $100 in value on the order. And because your over the $10 threshold you get free shipping. Lastly SurfStich run a general promo of a free gift with orders over $60. There's no more detail on what it might be but probably a t-shirt or a hat or something like that.

Oneill guru gbs wetsuitIt'll no doubt take a few days for SurfStitch to process the orders and issue the gift vouchers but once you have it you can then go buy your board. I guess they will have to take a couple of days otherwise you could just go back in, spend your gift card and get another gift card.... and on and on. So the Santa Cruz is already 25% off at $486.75. Applying your freebie gift voucher you'll drop the price to $386. Of course you can get another pair of Perv Sunnies at this point and you should get your second free gift. Again, free shipping should apply.

This promotion is running for a limited time and is valid over the weekend until 11:59 AEDT Monday 11/02/2013 for all the T&C’s and more information click here.

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