Standard Interest Rate on your savings 6.9% + 0.35% bonus until 02/01/08 @ Raboplus

13 November 2007

The promotional offer of 7.25% p.a. is for balances up to $1 million until the 2/1/08 . After that. the interest rate will be 6.9%.

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  • Brad
    The 7.25% is a pretty nice interest rate. :)
  • Brad
    Hot vote here.
  • nod
    * Available from 9 Nov 07 on amounts up to $1 million * Over $1 million earns a high ongoing rate of 6.90% pa on call * On 3 Jan 08 all balances revert to earn the high ongoing rate of 6.90% pa on call * The same high rates apply to businesses, trusts and DIY super funds * Interest calculated daily and paid monthly * No fees, no minimum balance * No need to switch banks - keep your current bank account for your day to day banking
    Just a bit more information for you all. RaboPlus do have some good bank accounts and this interest rate is good considering there are no fees Hot vote from :)

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